Our Story


My name is Mary Hargrave, founder of Fred and Daisy’s. I've always loved to be creative with fabric and garment making. Sewing and being creative with fabric was an exciting and important aspect of home life when I was growing up. Sewing was not a necessity; it was an enjoyable creative outlet. So when I had children I enjoyed creating unique things for them to wear.

Learning about garment construction and pattern making is my true passion. As an adult I knew that I wanted to learn more and really perfect my skills.

I was fortunate enough to further my education at a local college. After earning my degree I was able to draft patterns of my original designs. This allowed me to take my garment making to another level. With all this new information and experience I decided to create a very unique children’s clothing line, Ready 2 Read Wear, in 2013. Ready 2 Read Wear, an educational line, was created specifically for toddlers and preschoolers.

After multiple requests for garments for older children I decided to expand the size range. With the new size range I had a new challenge, I needed a new name.

I knew I wanted a name that was meaningful and significant. After much thought, I settled on Fred and Daisy, the childhood nicknames for my own children. So the name Fred and Daisy’s seemed to fit the bill; it's meaningful and significant to me and just sort of cute!

The new size range gives me even more opportunity to be creative. I currently carry children’s sizes 2T through 11/12 for boys and girls. Now my customers can find unique items for the older kiddos!

Charles and Rebecca aka Fred and Daisy

 Fred and Daisy’s roots are in Lakewood, Ohio. All of the designs are originals. I create the patterns, sew them up in fabric, test the fit and make adjustments. I adjust each garment until I get it just right. When an order is placed the item is made. All the items are produced right here at the Fred and Daisy’s design studio in Lakewood, Ohio. I also like to source the components, as much as possible, from U.S. companies.

So be assured that when you make a purchase from Fred and Daisy’s you are helping a small U.S. based business. My mission is to always be creative, use my education, skills, and passion all while creating unique quality products for you.






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